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November 16:
Said in my household:
"Ultimately, the core argument against atheism is the same as the one against strict heterosexuality: Why limit yourself?" --Julia Haynie

November 16:
This afternoon, for reasons that don't matter much, I had occasion to ask five different theater employees if they had ever heard of Charles Lindbergh. None of them had.

I don't know how to react to that...

November 18:
I can deal with cold. I am not fond of it, but I can deal with it. But I HATE snow.

November 22:
Life in my household:

Hyena: A router can only see the networks it is directly connected to, so you set up a routing protocol so that it tells its neighbors what it can see, and asks them what THEY can see...

Dementia: So it's all about gossip.

Hyena (laughing): Pretty much, yeah.

November 23:
Life in my household:
Dementia was wearing a tee shirt emblazoned with a list of names, white on black, in a vertical column. "Hurt" was listed between "McGann" and "Eccleston", and at the bottom, "Whittaker" followed "Capaldi." Hyena said, "That's a NEW shirt." Dementia just grinned. So did Hyena.

November 23:
After 25 years of home ownership, I have come a little bit closer to the US tradition of grilling in the back yard by cooking steak, in small pieces, on a hotdog fork, over an open fire in the living room fireplace. It was an extremely successful experiment, and will likely be tried again, particularly since we ate only half of the steak.

I still maintain that cooking is pointless unless you enjoy it, but I enjoy sitting in front of an open fire, and holding the hotdog fork doesn't diminish that. And the result was tasty...

November 24:
It occurs to me that Chris Hemsworth is growing up to be his generation's version of John Wayne. Except... he can ACT.

November 25:
Life in my household:

Reactions to TV viewing, without references in the name of avoiding spoilers.

Hyena: C'mon, guys, how many psychokinetics do you know? (There is a pause; a character comes through a door, and Hyena started to chant.) On Venus I learned the art of war; in this age will Lurga descend; I am the Pendragon.

One episode later:

Hyena: And Gordon sings the Stalker Song, and everybody gets to be happy.

For serious gold plated geek cred, identigy the "Pendragon" quote (which has nothing whatsoever to do with the show, other than invoking a similar scene).

(These are both references to "Stranger Things"; the literary reference is to "That Hideous Strength" by C.S. Lewis.)

November 27:
Today's earworm, courtesy of "Stranger Things", is, "You Don't Mess Around With Jim", by Jim Croce. I have made no effort at all to get rid of it...

November 29:
And with that, I have 101 km logged on the rowing machine for November (first time since February). Go, me.

November 29:
"It's a fighting machine that happens to be a work of art. It will become outmoded as the former, but never the latter. One day, it will be only a work of art. If we are lucky, one that can be appreciated by civilized men in a world without fighting machines." --Garth Ennis in the character of a British fighter pilot, "War Stories" #25, of the Supermarine Spitfire Mark VIII.

Ennis is one of my favorite writers in any medium; he certainly gets into my soul farther and more often than anyone else in his chosen medium (comic books).

As to the Spitfire... I wanted a photo of one in flight, couldn't find one, and had to settle for a painting. More than 20,000 were made (all variations, over ten years); fewer than 60 are still airworthy. But they ARE beautiful.

November 30:
Foolishness. In theory, every time you hack a portal in Ingress, it resets a 24 hour countdown timer, and as long as that timer never expires, the "Sojourner" counter keeps counting up. In practice, I am pretty sure I let it get to 26 or 27 hours a time or two. Still... a thousand consecutive days of Ingress. It means some infinitessimal amount more than absolutely nothing. (It actually ticked over yesterday, on Dementia's birthday.)

November 30:
You know that feeling you get when you are looking through the docs of a device that you don't actually have and you find a sketchy implication of something cool that might just work on a device that you DO have, and you extrapolate the missing bits and try it and it works PERFECTLY? Yeah, that feeling.

Or, as Victor Frankenstein once said, "It is... ALIVE!"

(In reference to tricking a router into behaving as a level 3 switch.)
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