Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Demi-political Rant

Our current gubernatorial moron, here in Illinois, actually promised in his campaign that he would reduce medical costs by importing prescription drugs from Canada. Since the election was two years ago (or was it three? The memory tends to drop unpleasantness...) and nothing more was done with the idea, I assumed someone had taken Roddy aside and quietly explained that he was a moron, and should let the idea go.

No such luck. Roddy is still at it, even though the FDA has assured him that his stupid little scheme is ILLEGAL. Not to mention that Illinois has almost as many people as all of Canada, which made the idea logistically impractical. Apparently THAT got through Roddy's thick skull, so he is now trying to import drugs from Europe.

Now, I realize that the major drug companies are pirates in many ways, even though (or perhaps especially since) I work for one of them. But the idea that R&D is a legitimate part of production cost is NECESSARY for our society to function.

Demonstrating once again, I guess, that the desire for political office should automatically disqualify one from holding same.


Uncle Hyena
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