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Movies and miscellany:

"Justice League" is the best movie so far in which Henry Cavill plays Superman. Of course, the bar for that was REALLY low... The villain is lame, and the movie fails to build suspense at the various cliffhanger points. On the other hand, the cast is good, and there are moments of character interaction that are positively brilliant, and pretty much worth the price of admission.

"Lady Bird" is a slice of life centered on a moderately eccentric teenage girl who is utterly self obsessed and also utterly lacking in self awareness. She shows a small amount of growth of the course of the story, but being trapped in the company of a fundamentally unpleasant person is just as uncomforatable when that person is on the screen as when they are in the same room.

In other news... I missed the December poker game due to a cold, but then barely got myself together the next day to have a long conversational meal with adopted niece Jessi, whom I had not seen in over a decade.

On the home front, the critters have been trying to get back into the attic. They punched a hole about the size of a mail slot through the roof, but do not seem to have actually gotten inside. I have installed a temporary patch that may do the job; we shall see.

Uncle Hyena
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