Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Post, Strong

Two more movies. Including these two, five of the last seven movies we have seen have been based on real events or people. This is an odd trend. Good movies, though.

"The Post" is a newspaper drama. There are a LOT of good newspaper dramas out there, if you look for them, and some of them are whole cloth, and some of them are nearly documentaries. This one is much closer to the latter, though I am sure some liberties were taken, and of course the dialog is mostly fiction. But it is GOOD fiction delivered by a great cast. Highly recommended.

"12 Strong" is the story of the very first combat troops to hit Afghanistan after the September 11 attack. It's a bizarre and highly improbable story of heroism and determination in the fact of long odds that seems to be nearly exactly true. Again, highly recommended.

And in other news... There is a "Bull Durham" poster on the wall in the upstairs hallway, and I realized that we hadn't watched it in a while, and now we have fixed that. It's not exactly a romance, and it's not exactly a sports movies, but it IS just plain good.

Uncle Hyena
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