Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Hostiles, Coco


"Hostiles" is peculiar. First, it's a western, which is a rarity these days. Second, it is two very different movies shuffled together. From the standpoint of the male lead, it has a "brothers in adversity" plot; from the standpoint of the female lead, it is a straight up romance (albeit an incredibly violent and testosterone drenched one). There is a lot to this movie, and it is well done, and I am glad that I saw it, but it is VERY dark and not for everyone.

"Coco" is an animated musical, and the trailers left me pretty cold. And then filk artist Tom Smith said that it was "pure joy", and someone on a Glorantha board (where such things matter) said that it was a heroquest story. That was enough to make me see it. It lived up to the comments. There was a point, early in the movie, when I mumbled, "Whosoever pulleth forth this guitar from this stone and this anvil, is rightwise born king of all mariachis." And then I giggled a lot. Highly recommended.

Uncle Hyena
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