Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Thursday Morning Update

Another week shot...

Saturday we saw the new "Exorcist: The Beginning." Not half bad, but nothing special. It was a pretty routine high budget horror movie. As opposed to the ORIGINAL "The Exorcist", which just bored me to tears. There are a couple of passages of such extreme vulgarity in that one that it would still get the "R" rating, but otherwise there was just nothing there. (This comes up because the majority of critics, who praise the older film based on the remembered fear it evokes, felt it necessary to compare the two films...

On Sunday I went down to Des Plaines, to a 40 acre lake that has a Rebel fleet that is supposed to race every Sunday. There were races scheduled, but it seemed that everyone was too hung over from the previous day's "Commodore Ball". I did get to look over several of the Rebels that were stored there, and make comparisons. They had at least one example of each of the five major revisions of the boat on hand, and I got to see what was what. I was still a very different experience than what I had planned.

Monday was eaten by eaten by the usual blodge; Tuesday was eaten by a trip to the college bookstore (half an hour in line to get into the store, and then another half an hour in line for the registers...) and getting my Jeep rigged for towing the trailer. And of course going to bed early so that I could go in for an overtime shift at midnight...

Got off work at 8:00 on Wednesday morning, went to the chiropractor, went home and went to bed, then got up again at 5:00 so I could go to class. I think the class will be ok; though tonight was pretty pointless. At least two of my classmates spent most of the evening involved in high speed chat-- there was certainly nothing going on in the classroom that justified that amount of keyboard activity.

My vacation has been approved for the Texas Messabout in September, and I REALLY want to include a brief layover in Denton, TX, if I can. The main question is whether I want to blow off class on 9/22. If I do, I can leave as early as the morning of 9/21, which will give me plenty of time for foolishness...

Uncle Hyena
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