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Random bits from Facebook

May 2:
Lisa Hunter:
When I was watching it and it got to the line "a vortex", I was suddenly reminded of that little toy that let you link 2 2 liter bottles and make a 'vortex' in water. Then, I remembered handing it to you while saying the above line. Your response was amusing.
Paul Haynie"
Still have the toy, still remember you saying the line. Don't remember how I reacted.
Lisa Hunter:
Standard hyena cackle followed by "worth the price of the toy just for that"

May 4:
“Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.”
-- W. Clement Stone, American author (1902-2002)

Stone was local, and used to turn up on the local news from time to time. He frequently irritated me, but it's hard to fault the line above. Today is (was) his birthday.

May 5:
Tim Weaver:
This makes me thing of you:
From Tal Waterhouse:
People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I can't put into words.

May 9:
Yesterday, due to bad planning, I found myself stuck in a traffic jam in an area where gas stations were rare while running on fumes. My van has a "Miles to Empty" display that read ONE when I finally got a chance to fill up.

Today, in addition to computer irritations described elsewhere, I lost another one of my wheel covers, two since the first of April.

On the other hand... I stumbled across a leather pouch with an elaborate lanyard, and my original wedding ring as a fob. I had conflated this pouch (which served as change purse) with the dice bag that was stolen. So that particular bit of heartbreak has been healed.So I can put up with a fair amound of irritation, otherwise.

May 10:
The following excerpt from "Fiddler's Rose" is unquestionably an indulgence, but I feel no need to apologize for it; anyone who has experienced the bit of magic described will know exactly why.

“But aren't you supposed to be, you know, sailing?”

“'Revenant' is sailing. I'm just supervising in a haphazard fashion.”

“'Revenant' can sail herself?”

“Sure. You can't single-hand for any length of time if the boat can't sail herself.”

“But... How?”

“The sheets all lead back to jam cleats that I can reach from the helm; the boat is balanced for a bit of weather helm, with a line through a block to a ballast stone. If the wind gets ahead of the boat, the jib gains drive, and the mizzen loses drive, and the boat turns to restore balance; if the wind gets behind the boat, the mizzen gains drive and the jib loses it, and the boat turns to restore balance; in a gust, the ballast stone lifts and turns the boat into the wind, and when the gust is over, the stone pulls the tiller back, and the boat rebalances itself. Simple.”

“WAY too much sailor talk for me.”

May 12:
Weird writer's problems: I have realized that Rose means slightly different things by each of: Yep, yup, yeah, and yes, but I can't (currently) articulate the distinctions. I guess I need to go through the book and try to nail down definitions of each, so that I can be consistent.

May 12:
Last night, my right shoulder informed me that it is taking up meteorolgy, by waking me from a sound sleep and SCREAMING during a thunderstorm.

MAy 13:
Today is "Kattenstoet" in Ypres, Belgium. It's really too weird to not be real. (Pointless parenthetical drivel added to kill the Facebook Giant Type Monster.)
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