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Movies and a few oddments:

"Invisibles 2" is an upper mediocre superhero movie that happens to be animated. Where the first "Incredibles" was a loving parody/homage of long running movie tropes presented to a market where superhero movies were relatively rare, the current offering has lost track of that, and is being presented in a market that is oversaturated with superheroes. There is nothing wrong with this movie, but it doesn't sparkle even the tiniest bit.

"Ocean's Eight" is amazing. The previous "Ocean's" movies were hybrid comedy/caper movies that were fueled almost entirely by swagger; this current movie is a caper/thriller that isn't afraid to be funny now and then. The characters are solid, the cons mostly work (and remember, most movie cons are pure fantasy), and the performances are, for the most part, amazing. Cate Blanchette in particular steals every scene she is in. If you like this kind of thing, you will LOVE this one.

Got Suchia into the water ONCE in June, on the 28th, which is better than not at all. Still want to do several bigger trips this year.

We seem to be about to have our roof replaced. This is giving me a great deal of stress that I REALLY don't need.

Played poker in Tinley for the second time in June on the 30th. Finished just out of the money.

"Fiddler's Rose" is on pace as of the end of June; twenty chapters and 82,000 words in the can. This is REALLY beginning to look like it will happen.

Uncle Hyena
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