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June 17:
Life in my household:

Dementia: It's just DISTURBING to encounter people for whom "Star Wars" and "The Odyssey" are equally remote and embedded in the culture.

June 21:
Somewhere around here I have a button, printed in the 1980s when the first half of it was likely true, that says, "Global Thermonuclear War. It's not just inevitable, it's a good idea," I don't have time to find it today, but if I knew where it was, I would wear it.

My friend Mitch Cooley has reminded me that "The Blues Brothers" opened on this day in 1980, which led me to watch the "She Caught the Katy" sequence. The problems that created my foul mood are still there, but my mood is MUCH improved.

June 23:
Any day on the water is a good day, but this one had some unhappiness, too. Suchia is getting old.
Dredged from 2016:
Boat geekery: Last Friday, while finishing my row at Busse Lake, I turned to the shore and did the rowing canoe equivalent of a drag race start: I pulled on the oars for all I was worth to accelerate as quickly as possible from a dead stop. This was a bad idea; something cracked loudly. I thought it sounded like wood breaking, but all of the wood parts were OK; I eventually figured out that it had been the plastic gunwale.

June 25:
Saw an interesting bit of wildlife in Waukegan tonight, sitting outside of Jack's restaurant with the windows open and the hood up. 1969 SS Chevelle, cherry red with white racing stripes, perfect metal, flawless interior, five speed manual transmission, and an oversized big block. Someone put an absurd amount of money into her, but MAN, was she pretty.

June 27:
Started the day 1700 words in the hole, and looking at the possibility of missing an end-of-month deadline for the first time since the train left the station.

2100 words later, I am a half day ahead, and I have unexpectedly made myself cry. This is a good thing. I really love when my characters tell me that if I were to take just a SMALL detour, I will just LOVE the view...

June 27:
Small bits of wonder and happiness, in the face of an insane world:

Steve Jackson has re-acquired the rights to "The Fantasy Trip" after 38 years.

The new covers for "Melee" and "Wizard" are done, with Liz Danforth art.

There will be a KickStarter launch in late July.

I am so very there...

From Liz Danforth:
Just for clarification: I am indeed doing artwork for Melee and Wizard, but not the covers. I have done all the counters and am illustrating the pages of Melee as well.

June 28:
Got Suchia into the water today, third time this year, first (and likely only) in June. Did the perimeter of Lake Andrea, 2 miles. The SW end of the lake was overrun with people due to some event or other, but otherwise it was a great day to be out.

June 29:
My current favorite "Light Bulb" joke, courtesy of Dementia, who found it on an Introverts site:

How many introverts does it take to...?


June 30:
And here we have the Passerelle Du Centenaire foot bridge in Alma, Quebec, which was fabricated primarily using a friction stir welding machine designed and built by my brother Tim J Haynie and his company. "Cool" just doesn't begin to cover it...

June 30:
Chapter Twenty of "Fiddler's Rose" is now up on the Contents page. As usual, if you would like to read along, ask me for the link.

The project is now nominally 2/3 finished; I have 82,000 words in the can, and it looks like I am running downwind to the finish line. We shall see.

As a matter of perspective, this is my fourth significant novel project. "Arthan" (a highly derivative epic fantasy) got to about 70,000 words in the early 1980s; "Pyrrhic Victory" (a detective story) got to about 35,000 words in the late 1980s; "Storybook Orc" (a non-epic fantasy) got to about 45,000 words in the late 1990s. So "Fiddler's Rose" is now bigger than any of them, and still going strong. I feel pretty good about that...
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