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July 1:
I am big into sources. Here we have the original formulations of two widely quoted and parapharsed aphorisms, with attributions.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." - John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton (1834-1902)

"No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy's main strength." - Helmuth von Moltke the Elder (1800-1891)(It is worth noting that the original was in German, so any English formulation is no better than a translation, and probably a paraphrase.)

July 1:
Olivia deHavilland is 102 years old today, and still on the right side of the grass.

July 3:
I'm trying to figure out who my Pokego friends are. Without giving away too much, here is the list, along with real world initials. JL and LS-IV are in here somewhere, but I am not sure where. Help will be appreciated.

Also... Between health issues, equipment issues, and time contraints, I am averaging less than one gift sent (TOTAL) per day. But if I know who you are, I will send you things as I am able. (Though those of you who have a lien on my soul will get priority.)

MizzAnneal - AA
eeeSIMPLEDOgeee - EF
Hoveman4th - LS
LisaGems - LH
bhawkeye - BL
Raeselyn - MB
JTHawser - JW
Sawahbawah - ???
xadymon - JL
PharauhTutTut - AVG
ChernovL - LC
Anitapillow - ???
ShikiTii - With RM
bcmondragon - WT
ParaparaParadox - MW
Tvmonte7 - TM
Chuckieperson - MC
Yogarilla - ???
AndiBuckles - AB
Rineah - DS

July 4:
I am not emotionally competent to Adult today. This will not, unfortunately, let me off the hook.

July 7:
This morning's meanderings, 2.167 miles, six Pokestops (including a gym). The thing about PokeGo and Ingress is that they often trip the balance between thinking, "I should go for a walk," and actually putting my shoes on.

Two odd points: I found a discarded plastic grocery bag on the bike trail just north of Brookside, and it was full of plastic bottles and related trash by the time I got to Grand Avenue. And I ran into a fellow playing catch with his dog in Powell Park. We exchanged pleasantries, and I asked him the dog's name. He said, "Tyr", and twenty minutes disappeared. Life is like that.

July 7:
Life in my household:

Hyena: You're married to a man who can make a school bus disappear. No one is prepared to deal with that.

(It's been a strange week.)

July 9:
There's nothing quite like encountering someone who agrees with you stupidly to make you reassess your own position...

July 9:
This eveing's excitement: A yearling racoon managed to get down the chimney and into the fireplace. First effort to trap him in a five gallon bucket failed, managed to trap him in the corner and collar him with the fireplace tongs, and THEN get him into the bucket and outside. (Which, legally, is the only thing you can do with a racoon around here; you aren't allowed to kill them, or transport them elsewhere.) We can hope he learned a lesson about places not to go.

July 12:
They are going to replace our roof on Friday the 13th. What could possibly go wrong?

July 13:
And... I have been informed that the largest of my four oaks, which is four feet in diameter and well over a hundred years old, is structurally deficient and will collapse in the next year or so, taking my garage, and possibly some of my house and the neighbor's house, with it when it goes. Having it removed will take a large chunk of money I don't really have, but that's not the biggest problem. I am just not prepared, today, to let something that old and that beautiful die. I will get used to the idea, and I will find the money, but for now I am heartbroken.

July 13:
And in utterly pointless news... I have not yet learned to always check for Pokego updates before I leave the house. Because I play with a tablet/hotspot combo, I can't do updates on the fly, I have to download them to my PC and then transfer them to the tablet. Which is a real pain when I am inconveniently far from home and Pokego won't talk to me.

July 14:
I've stumbled across an emulator for the 1980 video game "Berzerk", an 8-bit top down shooter. The controls are a bit wonky (it freezes occasionally), and the game has near zero complexity, but it's a nice little bit of mediative violence. The big draw of the game, though, is that there used to be one in the "Crafty Cockney Pub & Grub" in Indianapolis, off the corner of Rockville and McKinley. It was about a quarter mile from Clueless Tom's apartment when he lived on Port Irving Drive, and when I play the game, I can hear Tom's voice off my left shoulder saying, "Oh, Captain, you're in trouble now." At that point, who cares if the game is any good?
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