Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Long Weekends in Which Little Happens

Too tired and nothing particularly good opening, so we ended up watching movies on DVD: "Murder at 1600" (Wesley Snipes and Diane Lane) and "Forget Paris" (Billy Crystal and Debra Winger). Both tolerable, though the moment of the night was a Billy Crystal bit in which he complained about being made to sit through "The Phantom of the Opera", and claimed that "Music of the Night" is a rip off of "School Days, School Days" (The first five notes of each ARE the same...). This engendered a giggling fit in both of us that required stopping the movie.

Monday we went up to Bristol and closed down the local Ren Faire, looking for replacement wedding rings in preparation for our 20th anniversary. (I haven't been able to wear mine since a bicycle accident in 1991.) Lots of nice stuff, but pricey...

Gods, this is boring. I need to either get a life of give up this journal stuff altogether, because *I* can barely stand to read my entries...

Uncle Hyena
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