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August 1:
General updates:

Heel pain: Down from 9 (and utterly cane dependent) on Friday to a variable 2 to 4 today, and diminishing.

Oak tree: Still pending, looking for bids and alternatives.

Rav4: Worse than we hoped, better than we feared. It looks like it CAN be fixed, and we will fix it.

Social things: Two conversational meals in three days. Nephew Jake and adopted niece Grace met me for supper on the way home from their day at the local Ren Faire on Sunday, and on Tuesday I helped the Incomparable Nikki celebrate her birthday. I have good friends...

August 2:
It's ironic that what most people think of as irony is mere sarcasm.

From Bob Buehler:
Ironically, that’s a straightforward statement with no hint of sarcasm.

August 3:
Life in my household:

Dementia: Did you know that, if beer is kept in a cool, dark place, it will remain good for up to six weeks? In unrelated news, these are my last three bottles of Blue Moon First Peach Ale.

Hyena: The ones I went on a six county hunting expedition for a year ago June?

Dementia: Yes.

August 5:
Just a quick thank you for positive "Fiddler's Rose" comments from William Moffitt (who has been on board since the beginning, but has had some really rough personal things along the way) and Sue Ballard-Haynie, who just picked the thing up last week. I thank you. The much-abused soap bubble on which i am surfing thanks you.

August 5:
From the "We've been married a LONG time" file:

Hyena has been playing at writing for longer than he has known Dementia, and has had the (bad) habit of reading her occasional snippets. "Fiddler's Rose" has been no exception, but there came a point when he started keeping quiet until he had a full chapter in the can, and them reading the new chapter aloud. This helped him find things that didn't quite work, and catch typos. Sometimes, after he was done, he's ask her what she thought of particular bits, so he could judge if they worked the way they were supposed to.

Today, after reading her the current chapter (26), he asked her what she thought of the "gobbledygook" section, and she said, "It reminds me of..." And a little voice in his head said, "Donna Reed's speech at the end of, 'The Benny Goodman Story,'" (which he had NOT been thinking of when he wrote the passage). And then Dementia finished her own thought: "Donna Reed's speech at the end of, 'The Benny Goodman Story.'"

Hyena fell over laughing.

August 6:
Every now and then, fairly often, I come across a quotation from some great thinker or other on the value and beauty of simplicity, and I gnash my teeth. A throng of great thinkers over the centuries have spouted volumes of platitudes on the value of simplicity, they are ALL lies. Simplicity is the lie in which the human mind takes refuge when reality becomes overwhelming. This is not to say that the simple solution should always be rejected, but rather that simple solutions should always be approached warily.

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple." -- Oscar Wilde, in the character of Algernon, "The Importance of Being Earnest"

August 6:
From "The Cauldron ~ A Mixing place for Witches, Druids and Pagans"
"My husband and I just bought a small 29' sailboat. Please give name suggestions. Thanks!"

Hyena replied:
If it's not new, think long and hard about keeping the name it has. Boats don't like name changes. If it's new, or the current name is awful, ask the boat. Spend a bit of time with it, lay your hand against it, and sit in it if you can. Any boat worth owning has a soul. Find it and befriend it; sooner or later your life is going to depend on that boat, and you want it to be happy.

August 10:
Analysis of photographic and documentary evidence reveals a high probability that Donald Trump was killed and replaced by an interplanetary fugitive sometime in 2003. This explains both the color of his skin and his fascination with the creating a Space Force.

August 12:
A quick one question poll. Please note that I am looking for "Yes" and "No" answers only. I am interested in seeing how far the word has penetrated outside the ghetto to which it is native.

The question: Do you know what the word, "seneschal" means?

Later: The answer I asked you not to give: A seneschal is to a lesser noble what a prime minister or chancellor is to a king. There are a lot of partial synonyms, but all of them are flawed. In the presence of the lord, the seneschal was the manager of the domain; in the absence of the lord, the seneschal spoke for the lord in all matters.

The answers I got here followed an expected pattern: SCA, RPG, and Bristol folks pretty much said, "Yes", others mostly said, "No". There were some exceptions, and I am never quite sure who might have a closet affinity for Arthurian romance or high fantasy in general. Thanks, one and all, for participating.

August 13:
The Rav4 Saga continues: Part arrived from Oklahoma on Friday, checked with mechanic, found it did not fit. Made arrangements to come back to shop this morning to photograph existing part, took photos, went back to Amazon. Part pictured in original listing matches part on the car, part received does not. Seller has been contacted, and things are back on hold.

August 14:
Stretched my "personally explored" run of the Fox River today by rowing from the Rochester, WI, dam to (almost) the Waterford, WI, dam, about 4.5 miles round trip. Got a new cover photo out of it, and a few others (which have specific comments). Also burned out BAD at the take out, mostly due to shoulder problems. Grrr.
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