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Random Bits from Facebook

October 1:
Twelve years ago today, Jennifer Dawn Fall, a friend from DeadJournal, sent me an invitation to join Facebook, and I signed up. Facebook has reminded me of the date; I remembered the circumstances.

October 1:
As a result of last Tuesday's dental surgery, I am currently on day seven of the first course of antibiotics I have taken since 2001. This morning, I developed the full list of non-critical side effects pretty much simultaneously. The lesson here is, just because it's not life threatening, doesn't mean it won't make you wish you were dead.

October 4:
Spent a couple of hours this afternoon with adopted niece Amanda (plus a couple of her friends). It's been fourteen years since we have seen each other, nineteen since our last real conversation. That's more than half her life (a somewhat smaller percentage of mine). She's done a lot of living in the meantime, but gods, is the horizon still in her eyes.

It was a GOOD day...

October 5:
Hyena on hugs:

An excerpt from "Fiddler's Rose":
“Do you know the difference between holding someone, and being held?”

“Apparently not.”

“Being held, when you need it, is wonderful. It's like being told all of the happy lies that you need to hear even when you know they're lies, except that it's better, because the other person doesn't actually have to tell you those lies out loud, so you can go on believing.”

“That's grim.”

“But when you hold someone who needs it, you KNOW that you are telling all of those happy lies anyway, even though you aren't saying them out loud, and if you have a soul, every second that you hold that person tears off another piece of it.”

“That's REALLY grim.”
End of excerpt.

Characters can't be counted on to tell the whole truth, though, and there are more than two alternatives.

Sometimes there are just too many words, and not enough time, and a hug can help bridge the gap.

And sometimes there are things, like Joy, that don't translate into words AT ALL, but seem to go into hugs pretty damned well.

October 5:
Yesterday, I left my phone on for about four hours continuously, and responded to a text message. These were both personal firsts. I do not see this as a positive trend.

October 5:
Watching a certain movie trailer:

Mera: Atlantis needs more than a king.

Hyena: It needs a Bonnie Tyler song.

Mera: It needs a hero.

Dementia fell out of her chair...


October 5:
You are going to deliberately take a LONG hike across the Sahara, and THESE are the shoes you wear? REALLY? (I am very much looking forward to the new Aquaman movie, but this was scream-worthy.)(Image: HIGH stacked, tapered heels in sand.)

October 6:
From Bob Buehler on the "Justice & Mercy" board:
The original sin was a desire for moral certainty. Discuss.

My reply (which I held until 10/17):
Time for some heresy: There was no original sin; the creation wasn't actually complete until humans had experiential certainty that disobedience was possible. The disobedience was the purpose and focus of the deliberately temporary Garden scenario.

Added: Or, in the words of Sir Terry Pratchett: “Some humans would do anything to see if it was possible to do it. If you put a large switch in some cave somewhere, with a sign on it saying 'End-of-the-World Switch. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH', the paint wouldn't even have time to dry.”

October 7:
Really enjoyed the first episode of the new season of "Doctor Who", except for one line that REALLY made both of us angry: "Only idiots carry knives." Are they REALLY that locked down in Britain? Are there really people that stupid?

October 9:
Writer: Have you finished reading it yet?

Reader: Not quite.

Writer: Because?

Reader: Because I don't want it to be over.

Writer: I really needed to hear that today. But you ought to finish it.

Sometimes, it actually IS worth the effort of chewing the leather restraints...

October 11:
Fifty years ago today, the Hi-League group (7th to 12th graders, with my father and one other person as adult supervision) at Calvary Covenant Church rented a bus to go to into downtown Chicago for some religious gathering or other. The engine blew about halfway there, and we spent about three hours sitting in the dead bus at the side of the Dan Ryan Expressway waiting for transport. The adults were terrified, but the kids had a pretty good time...

Why do I remember the specific date? Well, there was this girl...

October 12:
In response to a question about pre-natal screening leading ultimately to a form of racism:
I am not quite an anti-natalist; I am inclined to believe that life is at least often, if not actually usually, worth living. I chose to be childless because I knew I did not want, and suspected that I simply could not, deal with raising a child who had no special needs. Responsibility for a special needs child would have killed me. I fail to see any connection between knowingly and unnecessarily accepting parental responsibility, and being open and accepting to people who already exist, for whatever reason.

October 12:
34 years ago today I pulled off what is still the best con of my extremely checkered career. The mark STILL hasn't caught on.

(Happy anniversary, Julia Haynie.)

October 12:
A week ago I shared a post with one specific individual. ONE post. I just realized that everything I have posted since then has ALSO only been shared with that one specific individual, because Facebook saw what I thought of as a single instance change as a default. I hate this software SO much.

October 13:
I just found out that Greg Stafford, creator of the world of Glorantha and champion of gaming as a source of personal philosophy, died on Thursday (October 11) at the age of 70. He was a very bright, though usually distant, light in my cranial geography, and the world is diminished by his passing

October 13:
From Microsoft: By clicking on "Check for updates" from WITHIN any Microsoft product, you are volunteering to participate in our pre-beta test of the next update of the product. May God have mercy on your soul.

October 15:
Compassion may be a more EFFECTIVE motivator, in the long run, but it needs to be LEARNED. Fear and hatred have been in our bones since before the dinosaurs died, and they will always be more EFFICIENT.
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