Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Home Again

Left for Toronto on Wednesday morning, spent the night in Port Huron, MI, and crossed into Canada on Thursday morning. Arrived in Toronto on Thursday afternoon, checked into the Stupidest Hotel in the World, and set off to explore.

The 5th floor of the Skydome Renaissance is built around the humongous steel supports that hold the stadium together, and the hallways take three times as long as they should to get anywhere, as if they had been designed by some demented, right angled worm.

Toronto is a pretty cool place, slightly larger and MUCH less formal than Chicago, which is to say that the girl watching is about three times better (assuming your tastes run more to denim than to business suits).

TorCon was something of a bust; the dealer's room was not much bigger than Capricon's, and most of the dealers were selling new books.

We ran into Tanya and Alex on Thursday afternoon, met Fiona (Tanya's real, honest to goodness spouse as of the previous evening, but really since about 1990). We had dinner with Alex and his friend Matt that evening, and pretty much went to all of Tanya's panels, did some filking (I did an a capella "Stormbringer" on Friday night). We saw the three so far unaired episodes of "Firefly" on Saturday, which were of course beautiful and heartbreaking. We went to the only "Firefly" panel on the program, which was run by a pair of clueless Buffistas...

We are glad we went, all in all; we had a good time, even if the con was a bit of a disappointment.

Other news: It looks like my wish for a lawn slave will be once again granted by Kameron, who seems likely to stay with us for a while as part of a move from LA to Texas, in the interest of gathering some operating capital.

Uncle Hyena
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