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Lucas Lies Like a Rug...

The special "Star Wars" DVD came out today. So did the current issue of "Entertainment Weekly", including an interview with Mister Artistic Integrity himself, George Lucas.

Now, let's be really clear. I fell in love with "Star Wars" early, and started watching the minutiae from day one. So I remember the very first time Lucas started making public noises about a nine movie sequence, and I experienced first hand the factual discrepancies that made it clear he was talking through his hat. As much as I loved "Empire", I resented the fact that he had rewritten the entire universe between "Wars" and "Empire", and the extent to which he BROKE significant characters in "Jedi" (and we won't even talk about the third rate hack work that went into the subsequent foolishness). But "Star Wars" was magic...

So I was REALLY disgusted when, in the "Star Wars" re-release, Lucas had them scratch in a red line and a blaster squeal to indicate that Greedo (professional thug, mind you) shot first at Han and managed to miss COMPLETELY at a range of THREE FEET. (Add Han to the list of characters that Lucas has broken...)

Anyway, in the current EW, Lucas is confronted with that bit of CG rewriting, and his response was that it was NEVER his intention that Han shoot first, that Greedo was ALWAYS supposed to get off the first shot, and that the scene was mangled in the editing suite. This in spite of the fact that the original scene plays seamlessly, and Lucas spent so much time in the editing suite that he was entitled to an editing credit.

The man has had so many opportunities, over the years, to come clean, or at least display some shred of artistic integrity, and he NEVER does.

Uncle Hyena
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