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Samhain Plans (and a movie review)

First, the movie: We went to "Shark Tale". Since I am working Saturday and Sunday this weekend, we had time for exactly ONE movie, and wanted something light; it came down to a choice between "Shark Tale" and "The President's Daughter". We probably chose wrong. There is nothing WRONG with this movie, but there is not much right with it, either; it's flat as hell. When you give a fish Angelina Jolie's eyes and voice, she's still a FISH, no matter how sexy you try to make her; when you give a cartoon shark Robert DeNiro's voice, it's still a cartoon shark. I'm a sucker for animation, but this movie never drew me in.

Sandy Price, longtime godmother of the ORRFHS F/SF club, retired in June of 2003, and there was no OPCON during the 2003/2004 school year. HOWEVER, they have managed to get their act together to hold OPCON 2004 anyway; they are going to do it on Saturday, October 30. I am going to drag the wounded Makoto there, and maybe do a lecture as well. And since I HAVE to take off Saturday and Sunday to do THAT properly...

I am going to do an all night bale fire on Samhain, this year, running from roughly 5:00 PM on Sunday until 7:00 AM on Monday, with food and drink (of some sort) available for anyone who happens by. I will probably string some tarps so that the neighbors can't readily see what is going on... Anyone interested in attending, and in particular standing fire/marshmallow* watch, feel free to contact me.

Uncle Hyena

*Marshmallow watch: Open fires are supposed to be illegal in Waukegan, but cooking fires are exempted. So, for that matter, are religious fires, which this is. But it is generally easier to say that we are cooking marshmallows at 3:00 AM (You got a problem with that?) than to try to explain that this is a religious observance...

Uncle Hyena
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