Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Thoughts on November 1

First of all, the Samhain vigil was a bust. I was late getting started, naturally, but by 7:15 I had everything set up; I had lights, the fire built but unlit, more seating than I expected people... I went inside to take a short rest and watch the rest of "Charmed", which Dementia was watching.

And I didn't get up again. I just sat and stared vacantly at the TV. At 9:00, Dementia felt my forehead and subsequently pressed a thermometer on me; turns out I was running 100.3, against a norm of 97.4. The last time my temp went over 100 degrees, I spent a week in bed... I shut off the lights, locked the doors, and went to bed. Sorry.

Which brings me to my rather bizarre thoughts on tomorrow's activities. As it happens, in the long run, my vote will be COUNTED for Kerry, since I live in a state that is going to go to Kerry come hell or high water, so it doesn't really matter who I vote for. This saves me from having to actually vote for Bush, and I am glad.

So many of the hot issues are non-issues. It is going to take us three years to get out of Iraq, and the name of the president will not matter. Kerry is actually more likely to institute a draft than Bush is, mainly because he will have bi-partisan support if it becomes necessary; Bush will have to fight the Democrats tooth and nail.

Relative to the economy, the presidency is strictly a third rate power. It takes anywhere from 18 months to three years for the economy to react to much of anything, and by and large the people responsible have already absconded with the fruits of their predecessors labors before the damage they have done is known. It is clear that prosperity is associated with governmental gridlock.

And so it goes. The real issue, to me, is the identity of the citizens of the USA. Are we subjects, who expect our government to care for us, or are we citizens, who take care of ourselves first, our neighbors next, and look to the government only in times of disaster?

There are any number of issues that relate to this, but most of them also have overtones of class warfare, and for that reason I am disinclined to get too involved. And then there is the matter of gun control/ firearm rights.

It still frustrates me that this issue crossed the aisle about 70 years ago, for no really good reason. By all rights, firearm rights should be a LIBERAL cause, and gun control a CONSERVATIVE one, and yet... The end result of this that the Democrats are ignoring some 3 to 5 million people in the largest single issue voter bloc in the country, and if they would only abandon and repudiate that ONE plank, they would instantly pick up a couple of percentage points nationwide, enough to have given them control of the White House continuously since 1988, and it would cost them NOTHING, at least at the ballot box. It might cost them the financial support of the odd billionaire...

I AM A FREE MAN. I am responsible for my own safety (and am often called reckless); I am responsible for my own health care (and have often had to do without); I am responsible for my own retirement (and intend to make sure that I die just before the money runs out).

There is no damage that Bush can do to the nation, or the world, that will not "come out in the wash" in the subsequent 20 years. Likewise, I think, Kerry. BUT... If Bush wins, there is at least an outside chance that the Democrats will FINALLY wake up and smell the coffee on the matter of gun control, and I will FINALLY be able to stop voting for FUCKING REPUBLICANS.

Uncle Hyena
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