Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

How To Fix It

Ok, first of all, I'll admit it. This is the way I wanted things to fall out; it's my fault; blame me.

But this was only Phase One, and it will have been just as much of a waste as all of you think it was if we don't get to Phase Two, whereby the Democrats take back the House and the Senate in 2006, and the presidency in 2008. Ready?

The Democratic Party has to re-examine its platform, jettison an extraneous plank that is contrary to the party's core beliefs, and in the process pick up about two percentage points against the Republicans in EVERY district in the country. This would have been more than enough to give the Democrats control of the Senate and the presidency on Tuesday.

I'm talking about gun control. There are NO (or vanishingly few) single issue anti-gun voters; there are MILLIONS of single issue pro-gun voters. And many of them are REALLY, REALLY fed up with the Republican party, for reasons that should be clear to all of you. All the Democrats need to do to pick up those votes is convince those poor beleaguered gun owners that they are sincere about abandoning and repudiating their gun control plank.

Historically, control of personal weapons has always been a tool of the feudal masters to control the lower classes; England's decision to allow the yeomanry longbows contributed significantly to the development of the middle class. Sure sounds like arming the peasants is a progressive issue to me... Fast forward to the present. Gun control makes it harder to rob banks and commit assassinations (and you have to be wealthy or powerful to be assassinated, remember; ordinary folks just get killed) but easier to commit rape, robbery, and home invasion (as the people of England and Australia have learned to their sorrow). Sure sounds like disarming the general public is a conservative issue to me...

You want gay marriage? You want to preserve abortion rights? You want to make sure we get the hell out of Iraq? Convince the Democratic National Committee to embrace firearm rights, and GWB's life will become the living hell he deserves.

Uncle Hyena
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