Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Ray and The Incredibles

Two movies yesterday, both of them fantastic. I don't know when I have seen two such different movies back to back and enjoyed them both so much.

"Ray", of course, is pretty much worth the price of admission for the music alone. It is also an absolutely wonderful film beyond that. It says something of a biographical movie that the man himself was a consultant to the production, and that he insisted that he be portrayed warts and all. And there were LOTS of warts.

"Unchain My Heart" is one of the pieces of music that reaches down inside you and twists your soul if you have a soul to twist...

"The Incredibles" is to superhero (and spy) movies what "The Princess Bride" was to swashbucklers; it takes all of the conventions of the genre, admits to them, laughs at them, and then makes you care anyway. It is a truly magical movie from a writer's standpoint, and the animation is fabulous as well.

On a personal level, there is actually a short story in the works; watch this space.

Uncle Hyena
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