Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Meeting the Cybernieces, One for Two

First, as always, the movie report:

"Bridgett Jones: The Edge of Reason" was far, far better than it deserved to be. Great story, stupid, stupid character. Wouldn't have seen it if Dementia hadn't insisted, but I don't exactly regret it. Exactly.

This brings us to "National Treasure", which I wasn't really looking forward to. I expected a caper movie about stealing the Declaration of Independence (that there were several originals notwithstanding), and that turned out to be only the second of five acts. The characters and actors are engaging, the stunts are great; the plot moves quickly enough that you will miss things if you stop and laugh at how awful the history is. In other words I enjoyed the movie a great deal. And while the history was awful, the Nicholas Cage character is unquestionably a member of the Order of Don Quixote. And I just LOVE watching my frat brothers do their thing.

Sunday I had tentative plans to meet space_mutt for breakfast, since she was in town for Midwest Furfest. I tried to call her cell phone a couple of times on Saturday, and again on Sunday at about 6 AM with no luck. I went down to the convention and wandered about looking for someone of whom I had only seen one photograph some weeks earlier. Still no luck. About 12:15 I tried the cell phone again, made contact, ended up watching her and a trio of friends eat a variety of oriental food. We talked furries with some success, and politics rather unhappily.

This evening I was hoping to have yet another cyber-niece drop by, fellow Waukegan resident "squirrelly_mutt". She called a while ago, saying that household issues had intervened yet again. We WILL meet, one of these days...

Uncle Hyena
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