Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Playing Hooky

Monday was Dementia's birthday, and she took it off, so we went out to see "Finding Neverland".

I flat out loved it. I have always been moved by "Peter Pan", but as an adult have also been made somewhat nervous by the story; "Finding Neverland" and the material it has generated has pretty much set my mind at rest on that score. It took a certain splendid madness to draw "Peter Pan" out of that particular little bit of tragedy.

Some of my friends have commented, and with reason, that taken from entirely within the movie, Neverland seems to be a symbol for death-- but it is also very clear that that is not how Barrie intended it. Barrie certainly TRIED to get through to the real world Peter, and if he failed in the end, we still have "Peter Pan". Don Quixote charged the windmill, and the windmill FELL.

One of the more bizarre presents I came up with for Dementia's birthday was a black tee shirt with the logo "Fierce Barbarian Platypus" and an image to match. I've decided to start a collection. Artistic types in the gallery who find this concept intriguing may consider this an open commission; if you feel like doing a variation on the theme, contact me and we will negotiate details and payment.

Uncle Hyena
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