Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Movies and Other Foolishness


First movie: "A Series of Unfortunate Events". Great fun. Carrey is delightfully creepy, and the two principal children are absolutely fabulous. The sets are wonderfully strange.

Second movie: "The Flight of the Phoenix". Also wonderful. There were some physical oddities (If the plane was buried in the sand, how did it get back up on top of flat again?) but is was wonderful anyway. One of these days I really do have to track down the Jimmy Stewart version, which I have never seen (but was familiar enough with it that I knew what the big surprise was). Yes there are predictable moments, but they WORK.

And now, a quick game of "What the Hell???", in which I repeat a snippet of conversation, and you get to try to figure out the subtext.

Dementia: (Blathering about the weather, in particular waxing rhapsodic about how much she loves winter as the snow fell.)

Hyena: (with extreme nonchalance) Sometimes I think it is a good thing that Illinois doesn't allow concealed carry.

Dementia: (defensively, with vehemence) You love me!

Both: (several minutes of laughter)

Maybe you just had to be there...

Uncle Hyena
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