Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Constantine, Hitch, and more Dragonstorm

I have been getting further and further back into Dragonstorm; I found that I was just two days short of a two year absence on the Yahoo board, and have plowed through more than half of the 1800 posts I missed. In the meantime, I have also managed to start and win one minor fight on the board. Rah.


"Constantine" was... Once you have gotten through the REALLY painful mental permutations necessary to live with the fact that Constantine is neither blond nor English, this is quite a good movie, if it is the sort of thing you like. It captures the spirit of "Hellblazer" very nicely. If you haven't seen it yet: There IS a credit cookie, nothing wonderful, but worth seeing. (There was also a trailer for "Sin City", which I want to see so badly I can taste it. It looks GREAT.)

"Hitch" was a first rate romantic comedy. If you are congenitally unable to like Will Smith (as many seem to be), you should avoid it. Otherwise, bring a date.

There is fiction in the offing; I strongly suspect that "Storybook Orc" will start up again, and with it any number of other projects. Stay tuned.

Uncle Hyena
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