Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Wednesday Free Meal

Ok, I have been on the current schedule for six weeks now, and it is long since time to get the "Wednesday Free Meal" program going again.

It works like this: My work week ends at noon on Wednesday, which leaves me free to gallivant about the countryside and get acquainted with my various on line friends. Tell me where and when to meet you, and I will come and pick you up, feed you, and we will have conversation.

The usual argument goes that I am paying because money means much less to me at this point in my life than it does to most of you, and if you feel a need to pay me back, you can wait until you are rich and famous, and I am old and living in a cardboard box.

I am willing to do a fair amount of traveling; I have gone as far as Madison, WI for this sort of venture. If you are interested, say so, and I will at least consider it.

Uncle Hyena
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