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Off Sunday, so double feature on Saturday: "Once Upon a Time in Mexico", followed by "Seabiscuit", followed by "El Mariachi" on DVD over pizza at home.

"Mexico" was exactly what I expected it to be, with a few extra touches. Enormous amounts of improbable violence, and very little (but snappy) dialogue, with significant mythic overtones and a GREAT soundtrack (if you like that kind of thing; for me, first rate guitar is first rate guitar). Johnny Depp is great deal of fun, if not very likeable, and I have a huge soft spot for Antonio Banderas.

A telling moment: At one point Banderas is given a guitar that has not yet been stained or varnished to check for action and tone; he takes it and plays it, and ends up cradling it for several minutes while conditions deteriorate around him. He finds himself huddled in a corner; he whispers to the guitar, "I'm sorry," kisses it, and then breaks it over the head of the next bad guy who comes into sight. Magical.

"Seabiscuit" is everything everyone has said about it; exciting, heartwarming, a bit hokey, but a LOT of fun. 'Nuff said.

"El Mariachi" is just plain amazing, considering that it was made for $7000 dollars and shot in single takes. I would love to see it reshot in English with Johnny Depp as the main character, or really anyone as long as the character had a sense of humor instead of an air of tragedy.

Enough for now.

Uncle Hyena
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