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Overdue Update

Let's see now...

On Thursday I picked up my CPAP machine (continuous positive air pressure, if it matters). Verified that the units involved were CENTIMETERS of WATER PRESSURE (CWP), or in my case a CWP of 15 is about one half of a PSI relative (these things matter to me). After four days, I have less energy, my weight is creeping up, and I am miserable, not at all the promised results, though it is probably my own fault. I didn't want to mess with the humidifier attachment, and as a result my sinuses are oozing blood. Not a big deal, but I can taste the stuff all the time, and of course my body is in "recent minor trauma" mode. I am going to lay off the machine for a few days, and then use the humidifier when I go back. See? I AM capable of learning.

Went to see "A Lot Like Love" on Saturday. Ebert hated it, and I am unsure why. It was a pretty standard romantic comedy, but I came away with it thinking that Ashton Kucher could really act, and might not be brain dead, and that Amanda Peet is one of the most beautiful women who has ever lived. This would indicate to me that the movie was pretty successful at something.

I am supposed to leave for Texas three weeks from tomorrow. The boat is not ready, the Jeep is not ready, and I am not ready. Today I decided on a fall back plan, since I have the time off anyway: I can take the time to go down to Rend Lake, and shake the boat down properly in a much less hostile setting. Instead of eight days of driving like a maniac and two days of sailing, I can have eight or nine days of sailing, AND save money. Sounds like a pretty good deal...

There is an interview meme making the rounds. I am not participating because the back half of the thing is that *I* would have to open myself up to CONDUCTING interviews with other people. While I am quite capable of asking all manner of impertinent questions if the situation calls for it, the idea of composing interview questions for anyone gives me screaming fits. (Ok, internal screaming fits. I'm hysterical here. Really.) But I am intrigued to know what, if anything, my various journal friends would try to pry out of me, given the chance. So... Each of you has five free questions (if you want them) which I will answer as truthfully, to the extent that they have true answers. Have fun. (I reserve the right to ignore people who are not on my "friend" list...)

Uncle Hyena
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