Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Ten Years...

This month marks ten years since I decided to never cut my hair again. It was actually cut for the last time in April, I think, but the decision to quit the job that wouldn't let me grow my hair, and the vow to never cut it again, happened in June.

There is some definite irony here. As of last Thursday, for the first time in twenty-one years of associating with each other, my hair is longer than Dementia's. This is the second progressively shorter cut this year, and I tease her that she is vectoring for a shaved head...

I really don't understand the whole process. I hate change, at least change that is not significantly for the better, on a fundamental level. And cutting one's hair significantly is change for change's sake in one of its most foolish incarnations. Long hair is OFTEN referred to as beautiful; I have never, NEVER, heard an off the shoulder cut referred to as "beautiful" by anyone who did on have money riding on the process. I can't really imagine anyone honestly making such a comment.

From a standpoint of game theory, it is an insane process. You CAN NOT look better; you might well look worse. When the only options are change with no gain, and loss, it is foolish to pick up the dice. It is not for nothing that I call her "Dementia"...

Coupled to this is the fact that I FOUGHT, suffered both emotional abuse and significant financial loss, for the right to grow my hair long. I have to try hard not to be insulted by the process. I also have to never, ever admit that looking at her makes me a little bit sad, now. There is nothing WRONG with the current cut; it is attractive enough, for what it is. And Dementia is still an attractive woman, and I love her. But she is diminished, and, as whenever beauty is destroyed, the world is diminished, and it makes me sad.

Uncle Hyena
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