Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Movie Update

I didn't write about last weekend's movies, so now I have FIVE to talk about:

Madacascar: Decent. Ben Stiller as the lion seems to doing an impression of Greg Kinear through the entire movie. The penguins are pretty much worth the price of admission, and there is already talk of a sequel FEATURING the penguins.

The Longest Yard: Adam Sandler continues to try to convince the world that he can really act. He may succeed. The basic script is so strong that it would have been hard to screw up, though the appearance of Burt Reynolds as a supporting character implies that he approves of Sandler reprising his old role.

Cinderella Man: This is a very well done film, continuing Ron Howard's string of near-docudramas. By all accounts it tells the story of James Braddock accurately, and it is an AMAZING story.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: This is an emotionally manipulative movie. It admits it from the outset, and challenges you not to be sucked in. It wins.

Lords of Dogtown: Well executed. Several first rate performances, excellent source material, terrifying stunts (in the sense that "human beings can't do that stuff"). It scares me a little that the Z-boys learned to skate on the pre-polyurethane composite wheels; I REMEMBER those things. They were AWFUL.

Uncle Hyena
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