Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena


When I was a small child, seven or eight years old, I used to make myself crazy while lying in my bed at by reciting a litany of everything I had ever lost. Is it any surprise that I am a horrible pack-rat?

I have gotten over it, for the most part. At least, I am ABLE to throw or give things away. There are a few things, though...

My dice have been missing for the last couple of weeks. Now, I'm a game freak; I have thousands of dice, of one sort or another. These... There is a little leather bag containing a "Deluxe" set of the game Kosmic Wimp Out that has been with me since 1981, and another leather bag that contains fifteen hand painted dice (three twenties, two twelves, two eights, six sixes, and two fours) that have been in the same building with me, more or less constantly, since 1977. I have been looking for them with increasing franticness.

I found them today, and the world is ever so slightly a better place...

Of course, I have even more absurd personal talismans; the dice were only consistently in my briefcase; I have a comb and a knife that have actually been in my pockets since 1974...

Uncle Hyena
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