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It is Midsummer Eve, and the moon is full, and I spent the evening sleeping, and now I am at work. Grrr.



"Batman Begins": Maybe the best Batman movie ever. I think that after allowing for the "new under the sun" factor of the first movie, this is actually a superior script. The lighting was unfortunate; it was often so dark that one couldn't really see what was happening, though this MAY have been a venue problem. I was a bit bothered that they didn't bother to get the pronunciation of "Ra's al Ghul" right; "Ra's" should be pronounced with a long "a" and an aspirated "s" ("sh").

"The Perfect Man": This movie ultimately redeemed itself, but it is unpleasant to sit through, because at times the characters are so DUMB.

We went to the local Highland Games on Saturday, and I came home with a new sword, in a VERY nice viking style.

Reverend Bob showed up on Sunday afternoon, and will be staying with us until (probably) Friday morning. There has been much of the usual conversation, as well as some interesting story telling. It is rather amusing that at a point when I am vaguely annoyed at various online existentialists, I suddenly have an arch-existentialist staying under my roof. Ah, well...

Uncle Hyena
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