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Reverend Bob, among other things

We had the Reverend Bob (known as Greyfeld on my LJ friend's list) with us this week, from Sunday afternoon until Friday morning. It was a good time, even though I had to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Wednesday evening he and I had dinner with the lovely Lassarina, and much good conversation took place, then and otherwise. The visit was hard on Dementia; house guests are always stressful for her, and she was just not able to get herself into the right mood for this visit. On the other hand, she and Bob were forced to amuse each other while I slept on Monday and Tuesday evenings, and Dementia didn't kill him. So that was good.

Movies: On Friday afternoon we saw "Howl's Moving Castle", which was very much on a par with other studio Ghibli fare, which is to say excellent. Some major strings were left dangling by the ending, though, which means I may have to read the book...

Saturday's movie was the new "Bewitched", which was a lot of fun, in spite of Will Farrell. Apparently he knows how to take direction...

I have recently been lured into opening a MySpace account, and have subsequently spent some time on both a general pagan board, and on an Asatru board, within that site. I have been reminded of some things that I had not thought about for a while. In short, Wicca is existential and inclusive, while Asatru is theistic and exclusive. I want nothing to do with either existentialism or exclusivity...

More later, I imagine. Duty calls...

Uncle Hyena
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