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I got thrown off of someone's DeadJournal "friends" list today; I'm still not sure why. She was a regular and often outrageous poster, which made it easy for me to respond to her on a regular basis; it's easy to reply flippantly to over-the-top posts.

The thing that triggered it was a discussion of the Patriot Act, of all things; she commented, I disagreed, she replied, I replied again... and suddenly she was angry with me, and accusing me of being a pervert. Let me repeat that; she accused me of being a pervert because I had made the effort to be her friend (which I had done because I had stumbled across her in the usual DJ drift, and liked her cartoons).

About ten years ago, while struggling through a midlife career change, I realized that I really wanted to teach high school; I found out that I really enjoy dealing with teenagers, and that I have a gift for teaching. I also realized that it was economically impossible for me to go into teaching at this point in my life without going through bankruptcy, which I will not do. I have also been assured by any number of current teachers that I would never survive the administrative political bullshit, which seems true.

The idea of being afraid to make friends is offensive to me; I am trying very hard to not allow modern paranoia to affect my behavior; I am doing my best to live a righteous and courageous life.

Tonight, that got be accused of being a pedophile.

There just are no words.

Uncle Hyena
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