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Uncle Hyena

Rebel in the Rain, and the Joys of Allopathy

Got out of the house at about 12:30, was going to go down to Castle Clueless, pick up the boat, get it set up at home, and get back to Wheeling for a follow up (with an internist, this time) to yesterday's medical misadventures.

I almost made it; I was going to have about ten minutes to get the boat parked, and still get back to the doctor's in Wheeling. And then it started to rain, and the traffic slowed to a crawl, and I ended up dragging the boat to the doctor's office.

The boat is really to heavy to tow behind my Jeep in the rain; it tends to SLIDE when I try to break to hard. I ran three red lights before I got home... The good news is that it slides STRAIGHT. Be grateful for small favors.

So I go to the doctors, they take my blood pressure (now, I snarfed 500 mg of zinc this morning, and had been caffeine free for 16 hours at that point) and come up with 180/100, and freak. I left the office with a prescription, an appointment for an EKG and blood work, and a follow up visit.

I am fairly susceptible to doctor juju. I have learned that I should answer questions truthfully, agree with whatever is said, and work REALLY HARD on remembering everything that is said. That way, when I am alone, I stand a chance of figuring out what really happened.

I am not going to fill the scrip, and tomorrow I will cancel the appointments, and I will probably not get the abdominal surgery until next year some time; it's been five years, another six months won't hurt.

The key point is that, by actual experiment, there is a difference of 15 to 20 points in all pressure readings between a standard cuff and an oversized cuff when my arm is involved. Which is to say that my pressure this afternoon was really about 160/80, which is not something that requires treatment. I am losing weight, my stamina is improving, my resting pulse is the lowest it has been in years; this is NOT the time to get involved in a new treatment program; what I am doing is working. I am going to get an oversized cuff (again) and do some monitoring on my own, though, just in case.

Dementia actually trumped me for cynicism on this one, a rare occurrence. She said, "There is a good reason for doctors to not bother to have oversized pressure cuffs on hand; it creates business for them out of nothing." I don't agree with that, but I can't exactly disagree, either.

Uncle Hyena
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