Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Routine Update

On Friday I went in to work at 8 PM, as a courtesy to the fellow who splits the day with me. This meant I spent 16 hours on duty, getting off at noon. One I was free, we went out to the movies, seeing "Skeleton Key" and "Four Brothers". Both performed pretty much as advertised, though it is worth noting that while "Skeleton Key" had some sloppy continuity errors, the plot actually held up, which puts it head and shoulders above most horror films.

We bought a pizza, came home, and ate it over a DVD showing of "A Knight's Tale." I had forgotten just how much fun that movie was, and how much heart it had, anachronisms and inaccuracies notwithstanding. The anachronisms were deliberate for the most part, an effort to draw the audience into the story, and I think worked for the most part. The liberties taken with the mechanics of jousting were mostly due to their efforts to make the jousting as real as possible without actually killing anyone. Yes, in many ways it is a silly movie. It is also wonderful.

Other stuff: The cite of Galve, in Sweden, has recently completed building a brig (two masts, square rigged) named "Gerda". She is, of course, absolutely beautiful. Pictures here:


Uncle Hyena
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