Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

This Weeks Movies

Saturday was another one of those bi-weekly 24 hour days: 12 hours at work, two movies, dinner with the in laws. Rah.

"Matchstick Men" was OK. Nicholas Cage was brilliant as a first rate con man who was gradually being driven insane by his guilt. The movie was well shot, the rest of the cast was good, etc., etc., except... This was yet another movie about con games that depended on cons that no self respecting grifter would attempt. The phone scam at the beginning would actually work, but the other two, on which the plot depended, were just BROKEN. Kind of ruined the movie for me.

"Rundown" demonstrates that "The Rock" is just as effective an action hero in a suit as he is in a loincloth, which is to say, Who knows?. If you like action movies, it's ok, but you'd probably be at least as happy watching "Pirates" or "Mexico" a second time.

Uncle Hyena
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