Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena


Lewisville, actually.

Drove 600 miles, got into Lewisville at about 6:30, wandered around until we found the
(amazing badly marked and laid out) hotel, got checked in, and then got lost due to construction related road closures while looking for fast food.

"Okay, so the compass has packed it in, but we still have a GPS and for that matter, a fucking anemometer."

"Back in the hotel room with all of the maps."

"Exactly. I tell you, we're gonna be in Mexico before they let us turn around..."

It was exciting. But we found food, got back to the room, and all is well. "Serenity" is playing at a theater within walking distance, and I am fairly confident I know where the wedding will be. So life is good.

Uncle Hyena
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