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Uncle Hyena

Wedding and Boats

Still trying to get caught up from the road trip...

Friday, September 30, after we had seen "Serenity", we went looking for the location of that evening's wedding, and eventually found it. Then we went shopping for, and purchased, a blazer for me. It was only vaguely traumatic.

That evening we went to Kameron and Amy's wedding, and it was... odd. Pleasant to the point that I sort of wondered if they were pumping Prozac through the ventilators. It was a relaxed, quarter-formal event (traditional bride's dress, groom in a black suit, tie and ratty tennis shoes) that started a full hour after the posted time, and NO ONE got shrill. It was kind of spooky, actually. By the time a wedding is an hour behind schedule, I would expect people to be hitting each other with furniture. Weird. It was a good time, though, and I got to meet another of my longtime journal friends face to face.

On Saturday we got up early and drove to Waco, to participate in a mini-messabout. There were four people from the Puddle Duck list there, including me, and each of the others actually had a boat. There was supposed to be a race, and one of the boats died on the starting line, so it came down to Jason and the Sea Flea against John and the Q&D. Jason weighs about 225 and his boat was about 250; John probably weighs 150 and his boat about 65; guess who won. Jason's boat is without question the nicest looking and most elaborate of the fleet of 60-odd; John's is probably the most technologically advanced (but it's still a plywood shoebox).

We hung around Lake Waco for about three hours, which was pretty much Dementia's limit, and then we went back to Lewisville. On Sunday we drove to Rolla, MO, and Monday we went home. On Tuesday I went to traffic court, plead quilty to turning against a conditional no turn on red sign, and also to not wearing a seat belt, and when the judge asked me why I wasn't wearing a seat belt, I sighed and said it was a religious thing (I just didn't have the energy to fight it properly, this time around). And she let me off. Yay.

Days passed; I am now about to finish a 16 hour day at the end of a 48 hour week, after which we will go out to "Curse of the Wererabbit", and then I will get to be dead for a while.

Uncle Hyena
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