Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Bikinis and Wererabbits

Last weekend's movies, chosen largely by scheduling issues, were "Into the Blue" and "Curse of the Wererabbit".

"Into the Blue" would seem to have a lot going for it, from my perspective: Scantily clad beautiful women, sharks, boats, shipwrecks... It was flat, and most of the characters were uninteresting, or at least unengaging. It's rather amazing how badly it turned out, given the teaser synopsis: A fly-by-night treasure hunter/dive bum finds a wrecked Civil War era treasure ship fifty yards from the wreck of a DC3 loaded with 800 kilos of cocaine. He has to keep the location a secret until he can legally identify the wreck and file a claim for it, and fears reporting the wrecked plane will result in someone else taking the older wreck away from him. So he keeps quiet, and the owners of the cocaine turn up... But it just doesn't come together.

"Curse of the Wererabbit" is a full length Wallace and Gromit movie. You will like it exactly as much as you like Wallace and Gromit, plus perhaps a bit extra if you are a fan of Hammer horror films; there are some nice parody moments. If you don't know how you feel about Wallace and Gromit, figure it out.

October 12 and 13 are our wedding anniversary, 21 years. I ALMOST forgot it, because I do things like that. On Monday, on the way home from a visit to the sleep therapist, I stopped in at a music store and bought a Washburn Rover guitar, a wonderful little travel guitar that is cheaper, prettier, and seems to sound just as good as the Martin Backpacker. I had it home and was playing with it before I realized it was supposed to be an anniversary present; my subconscious takes much better care of me than I really deserve (Thanks, Dave.). The main point of the gift was to have a guitar handy in the living room that did not require the whole get out/un-case/re-case/put away ritual. I think it will do well; my hands seem to really like the thing. I found myself playing some of my small repertoire of guitar tricks with my eyes closed, which I have never done before...

Uncle Hyena
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