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First aside: We saw "Harry Potter Rushes Frantically" yesterday. It was good, other than the pacing problems involved in getting three and a half hours of plot into two and a half hours. It seems likely that they will be able to finish filming the series without recasting the principals, which is VERY good.

Second aside: For those of you who are paying attention, this morning's numbers were: heart rate 68, blood pressure 80 over 165. Progress.

And now, we return to our irregularly scheduled entry.

Yesterday's post led to some spirited discussion with my friend Kevin, which has led to some clarification of my thoughts. The problem is not, ultimately, basic communication; my concern is with the sort of thing that only a small percentage of people ever have adequate mastery of the language to understand in the first place.

In short, it is all about the gingerbread.

There follow a few things that I have been heard to say; they will get nothing but blank stares from the vast majority of native speakers; in fact, my experience is that most people still don't get the point after significant explanation. This makes me sad.

Have you ever wondered what it would mean to live a life without music, or without color? Linguistic drift inevitably destroys the music of language, and while drift cannot be stopped, it is absolutely worthwhile to fight to slow the process as much as possible.

Yeah, I'm an elitist bastard. But you knew that.

Uncle Hyena

"Education as a discipline is destroying Education as a phenomenon."

"I shall eat a tuna sandwich and wait with baited breath."

"I associate with teen-agers as a means of ex#rcising my parental tendencies, and the statement is equally true if you spell 'ex#rcise' with an 'e' or and 'o'."

"There is one and only one thing that can be absolutely known about the nature of ultimate reality, and this is it."
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