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King Kong

When I first heard Peter Jackson was going to do a remake of "King Kong", my reaction was, "Why?" Sure, the effects of the 1933 movie had been out of date, but there really wasn't a lot of room for nuance in the story, and it had already been done TWICE...

The promos started to make the rounds, and I started to get excited. I had my doubts about the casting of Jack Black (at least until I figured out that his character was SUPPOSED to be a soulless asshole), but Naomi Watts was displaying a luminosity that was AMAZING. And the special effects were simply transparent; *I* knew I was looking at CGI, but my eyes didn't.

The movie is fabulous. Sure, there are holes in the plot, but they are all legacies from 1933. And yes, the movie does play fast and loose with physics (if you shake a human being like that, her neck will break, if her head doesn't just tear clean off...), but those objections are pretty much covered under the "initial conditions" rule: You KNOW the movie is about a 25 foot tall gorilla, so you have to deal with violations of physical laws that are consonant with that.

Naomi Watts deserves an Oscar Nomination, as does Jackson. Her acting, and the movie, are just that good.

I may never be able to watch it again; it is just too sad. It is the saddest movie that I can think of by a significant margin. It is the story of something beautiful and marvelous being utterly, irrevocably, and pointlessly destroyed by the forces of greed, cowardice, and stupidity.

If there is any justice at all in the alternate universe to which this movie is a window, Carl Denham (the Jack Black character) will one day stumble drunkenly into the baboon enclosure of a zoo somewhere, and will be slowly and messily torn apart and eaten by the denizens thereof while conscious.

And finally, it is my honor to recognize (since such a thing cannot really be GIVEN) that King Kong, in all of his incarnations, is a member in good standing of the Brotherhood of Ill Made Knights.

Now, go see the movie.

Uncle Hyena
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