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Worked Christmas until noon, came home, acquired loot. Much interesting stuff. There was a lot of sharp pointy stuff this year, five for me and three for Dementia. That's enough to merit a picture, which will be forthcoming.

On Monday we went down to Orland Park and visited my parents in their new place for the first time. It's nice, but the drop from 4000 sf/ 12 rooms to 800 sf/ 3 rooms is more than a little jarring. We arrived first, the Pete, Sue, and progeny, and later Tim and Pat and daughters (nephew Tim was home abusing a newly acquired drum kit). Mother was more than a little out of it, though I am told she was quite lucid on Sunday...

After leaving the parents, we went over to Pete and Sue's for pizza, and spent far too much time rehashing the situation of Aunt Mary's estate (which is really not our problem) and being worried about the parents. I managed to blow a couple of niece Katie's fuses when I told her I had read everything she had ever posted on Xanga (and relative to the denizens of my friends list on the whole, Katie is amazingly sweet and trouble free (allowing for a tendency to pyromania, but that's about as noticeable in this crowd as having acne in high school)).

After THAT, Dementia and I went by the parents old house for the last time, since Dementia had not been there since the sale had been announced. We did a bit of looting (though there was not much left), and I did a full volume rendition of "Danny Boy" in the recreation room; it is the only vocal elegy I could think of.

On Tuesday we went to the movies, and saw "Rumor Has It" and "The Family Stone". "Rumor" is a first rate romantic comedy, bolstered by yet another chance to see Shirley MacLaine do her "bitch on wheels". "Stone" tries to be a heart tugging family drama, but falls flat. Sarah Jessica Parker plays a self absorbed, anal retentive, humorless basket case as the central character. Apparently the director felt that Parker had sufficient personal magnetism to make the character likable in spite of the script, but she just doesn't. I spent half the movie hoping the other characters would take her out into the back yard and bury her. (Not necessarily alive; I wouldn't have minded at all if they had whacked her a few times with a shovel first. The character was just that irritating.)

On Wednesday we went to "Memoirs of a Geisha", which was painfully flat. Great performers doing the best they could with the material, but there was nothing there. Of course... Given that the book was written by a male gaijin, and directed by a male Chinese-American, was there any reason to expect it would actually have any real content?

Line of the week, spoken by Kevin Costner's character in "Rumor Has It": "Life has to be little bit crazy, otherwise it's just one long string of Thursdays."

Uncle Hyena
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