Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

2005 in Cutlery

Prior to 2005, I hadn't bought anything sharp and pointy for several years; nothing had grabbed my attention sufficiently. Last year, though, it caught up with me, as the following photo will show:


Displayed are:

Top, a Viking Sword purchased at the Highland Games in June.
Bottom, a Zatoichi sword purchased in Texas in September.
In between, from left to right:
Myerchin Offshore Diver's Knife, with Marlinspike.
Benchmade Rescue Hook
Unauthorized reproduction of "Sting" from LotR (at about 10% of the authorized price)
Spyderco Assist 1 "emergency" knife
1950s Belgian/NATO seaman's knife
Spetznaz "machete" (heavy duty survival knife)

Much fun was had by all...

Uncle Hyena
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