Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena


Sabbat Cycle IV: Ostara/ Equinox/ Lady Day/ March 21


The green-eyed woman sits and waits
Upon her ivy-covered throne;
The tall man turns his sole gray eye
To those he's chosen as his own.
The green man pauses in his track;
The huntress rests upon her spear,
And the world hangs in the balance
At the turning of the year.

The gray-eyed woman grooms her owl
And watches from her lofty seat;
The golden harper stills his strings
And listens to Gaea's slow heart beat.
The Great Smith holds his hammer still;
The Trickster halts his games of chance,
And the balance swings through center
At the turning of the dance.

Paul Haynie


I blew the deadline on this one also, and at this point I am unsure why. The concept was easy enough, just a mythological riff on "balance".

For the record, my intention with the various characters was:

Green eyed woman: Morgan le Faye
Tall Man: Odin
Green Man: The Green Man (Duh!)
Huntress: Artemis
Gray-eyed woman: Athena
Golden Harper: Apollo
Great Smith: Take your pick; I have a slight leaning for Hephaestus...

Uncle Hyena
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