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unclehyena's Journal

Uncle Hyena
8 March 1956
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  • unclehyena@livejournal.com
Errantrist, ethicist, writer, curmudgeon. Human by Heinlein's definition.

Hmmm. I can do better than that, since I know I am irritated when I look up another person's profile and see next to nothing. How about this:

Born 1956, married to Dementia since 1984, living in Waukegan, IL since 1992. Wastrel and dilettante, currently enjoying a semblance of a career as a computer operator. Prone to acquiring near professional levels of knowledge in esoteric fields on a whim. Ethicist. Student of the heroic. Talented but unreliable writer. Reluctant pagan. Game freak. Math head. History buff. Science fiction/fantasy fan. Low rent yachtsman.

Since I am too fundamentally lazy to actually set up a web site for my various writings, I have been archiving them here on LJ, back in the days before I set up the account:


Other places near and dear to my heart: